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What is coaching?

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership that inspires and empowers clients to realize their full personal and professional potential.

  • Eager to explore change, but paralyzed by the prospect of choosing the best possible path?

  • Feeling stuck, lost, or confused, despite a variety of academic, personal, and professional accomplishments?

  • Wondering how to prioritize yourself without falling short on your commitments to others?

  • Battling guilt or shame for wanting to experience even greater success, fulfillment, or engagement?

  • Struggling to step away from your current comforts and benefits in search of something more satisfying?

Plus Marc coaching programs enable clients to rise above the noise of judgment and competing priorities in order to clarify goals, manage blocks, and shift careers and lives from good to great—and in many cases, from great to optimal. During our partnership, you’ll explore and utilize strategies based on who you are, how you want to feel, and what you’re trying to accomplish.

My most valuable takeaway? I can do little things to improve areas of dissatisfaction—I don’t need to ‘fix’ things completely or aim for a total shift. I can move the needle slightly, slowly, and surely. This is more manageable, more realistic, and far less stressful.
— Lisa, Design Director, New York, NY
I was pleasantly surprised with the results I got out of the program. Came into it thinking that I had most of this self-improvement stuff figured out and that I needed to just “put in the work” to reach my goals. Came out of it realizing that there is much more to it than that, and addressing a couple of my blockers feels like a weight off of my shoulders.
— Lloyd, Marketing Manager, San Francisco, CA
This program allowed me to get to know myself better. I have a deeper understanding of my own habits and have fully acknowledged that I tend to be the one holding myself back. Marc helped me identify my strengths and worked with me to create an action plan utilizing them to reach my goals.
— Lia, Program Manager, Oakland, CA

about Me

I partner with mid-career professionals who are eager to feel more engaged and fulfilled in their personal and professional lives. While pride and comfort often accompany personal, academic, and professional achievements, they can make change difficult to explore. I primarily support the technology sector, members of the LGBTQ community, and mid-career professionals who are excited to make a shift from good to great. My programs offer judgement-free, empowering, and inspirational opportunities to create and accomplish meaningful goals.

Before launching Plus Marc, I received my certification from The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and spent over ten years leading People, Operations, Design, and Marketing teams in retail, media, and advertising technology. I’m currently a Board Member, Coach, and Co-Founder of Out in Tech, a non-profit that unites 25,000 members of the global LGBTQ+ tech community. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania in 2006 and currently serve as a Steering Committee Member and Student Mentor for PennGALA. I've lived in New York City, San Francisco, and I now reside in Philadelphia with my husband, Mark, and the cutest Miniature Schnauzer on the planet, Bubby.

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Please complete the form below to schedule an initial 60 minute consult free of charge.

We'll discuss any experiences you've had with coaching in the past and we'll align on what coaching is - and what it isn't. We'll then review where things currently stand for you and consider the changes you're facing or would like to explore. You'll get a strong sense of my coaching style and how my programs can help you to clarify and reach your goals.

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